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 Not every solution requires a permanent hire. Here’s how we can help:


  • Flexibility – Augment your staff as needed with contract team members.
  • Savings – Reduce costs by staffing our experts on short or long-term periods. Best for multi-project needs.
  • Time – As a partner we’re on standby to meet your staffing needs as they come up. Cut down on time spent on sourcing and contracting so your projects experience no delay.


We’re customer-first in our philosophy, and our staffing candidates match what we would look for in our own projects – for the sake of our clients and their customers. This is the key to our selection process. Our staffing services include:

  • Project Staffing – we provide experts on a project by project basis
  • Contract Staffing – we augment your staff over long or short term periods
  • Managed Staffing – we provide our technology expertise and people with our full hands-on approach

Contact us at 919-632-6161 to learn more about each of these options, and to determine a solution that best fits your hiring needs.